Andrew Laming
Federal Member for Bowman

Steve Davies MP
Member For Capalaba

Sallie Hammond
Manager of Families, Training and Support
Fusion Australia

Brian & Susan Russell- President
Jacky Burkett- Secretary
RedArts Redlands Arts Council

Jo Tutt-Director
Bambini Early Childhood Centre Capalaba‎

Shirley Chambers-Librarian
Thornlands State School

Susan Bunce- Head of Curriculum
Victoria Point State School

Jenni Mann- Principal
Vienna Woods State School

Rick and Leisa Olsen
Families Helping Families

“Very readable, great bright visuals, and many important messages to build on” – Maree, Primary Teacher Special Education Program.

“A valuable lesson for children and parents, told in an easily understood story. Beautiful colour and illustrations” – Marnie, Early Childhood Teacher.

“Excellent resource material! Can see myself building upon this book with role play and games which expands children’s imagination” – Gail, Mother of two.

“Penny’s Cool” – Caitlin, 5 yrs.

“Penny is my friend, can she come over?” – Thalia, 3 yrs.

“Dats Penny, and dats Mai kie!” (Translation: “That’s Penny, and thats Malachi!”) -Iraia, 2 yrs.